dealsmarmot precip rain jacket - men's for $47.83


I have been wearing the same jacket for 5 or 6 years. It is great in the rain and cold. It keeps the rain out and vents well. The hood is designed to cover a helmet, so mountaineering is a go.

I added a longer pull string on the pit-zips. The original pulls are too small to grab when you are wearing gloves or can't free up both arms, but 10 cents worth of 2MM cord fixes the problem.


Fantastic deal! Bought this same model for my dad around Christmas for $70.


A bunch of ueber runners I know recommended this as the best waterproof breathable jacket out there. This price is stupid cheap.

A couple years ago I got a similar Rab jacket, but found that condensation inside the jacket makes ice form in the sleeves. (Which may have something to do with the cold where I live.) An outdoor store quoted me something like $60 to get zippers installed in the sleeves/pits. This jacket is less, and I don't have to get it altered or anything. In for one.