dealssid meier's civilization v: gold edition on steam…


Beat me to it. I am currently installing this now. :D


What are you waiting for?! Quit reading the comments and go get this game, you will have HOURS of enjoyment!!!


bought...installed...and 5 hours later i feel addicted...damn you work why must you always ruin things!


I bought civ 5 about a year ago also on sale for like $5 with half the dlc available and was able to upgrade to the gold edition for the rest of the dlc for only $5 more so if you already have it upgrading is cheap and worthwhile. Do it


@pstrnutbag44: Hours of enjoyment? Inaccurate. Days of enjoyment. Weeks, really. Months, are easily possible. That's in actual time spent playing it. This game will swallow your soul and eat up your free time.
I love it.


I'm so mad about this. I literally just bought Civ 5 on Wednesday off of the Mac App Store. It was on sale then too, but it was the campaign edition (so only two DLCs and no expac) and not nearly as good of a price. And unfortunately I can't upgrade or buy any of the DLCs via Steam.


Yeah, I probably paid over $100 for all of this months ago. Usually, I hold off on purchasing new pricey games, but the Civ series has been an exception.

I have played many Civ 5 games, at least each leader once, using many game variables. There's always something new to try.

I like Civ 5 and its add-ons, but have to say there is still a place in my gaming world for Civ 4. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, I prefer some of the mods that play on Civ 4.

At this price, you really can't go wrong buying the lot!


Looks like it was such a good deal that it's being run for another 24 hours today!