dealsassassin's creed: ezio trilogy: ps3 for $19.99


AC2 comes with all DLC included, while you'll still need to buy it for the other two. That said, this is one of the best deals that I have seen. I'm currently toward the beginning of Brotherhood.


Most people disagree with me, but I thought every Assassin's Creed Game was a disappointment. They're so repetitive and especially the later ones tried to do too much at the same time and did nothing well. Add on the worst controls in a modern videogame and you have a frustrating game that's not really fun.


This deal is dead. Price increased. So sad.


It's still live. Amazon is showing a copy for sale by a third-party seller as the primary price right now. Go into the new-and-used section and you'll see Amazon is still selling it for $19.99.


@mysteryd8 @gideonfrost : Apologies.
Yes, you are correct. They hid the deal. It does not ship for 1-3 weeks, which is why they switched the vendors on the link to page.I hate when they do that.
Here is the link that takes you right to the page where the amazon version.
I'll inform the mods and see if they can change the link back.