dealshulk blu-ray disc for $6.99


All alone without his avengers :*(


Just an FYI for those considering for their Avenger's collection, this does not appear to be the 2008 version that has The Avenger's tie in, although the description on Family Video's website says it was released in '08.


@mthiggins: The Blu-ray was released in 2008, the original release says 2003. This is the 2003 Eric Bana "Hulk" which is unrelated to the 2008 Edward Norton "The Incredible Hulk." The 2008 movie is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor but the 2003 movie is not. Hope that helps.


@mthiggins: You're right. This is not the Edward Norton as the Hulk Avengers tie-in but, rather, the 2003 Eric Bana as the Hulk movie. I think the blu-ray was originally released in 2008.

Personally, I couldn't get through this movie (glad that I got it for free/Mac&Cheese UPCs rather than paying for it). But it did have some cool action sequences and was one of the first movies to feature the F-22.


This is not the Incredible Hulk you are looking for...


This movie is a must have for those suffering from insomnia... it is a sure fire cure...


not worth the money. horrible movie. both Hulk movies were bad. but if you collect superhero movies, then this is a great deal.


Am I the only person who actually enjoyed this movie? Granted, it is slower than most movies, but then again, what do you expect with Ang Lee? It was an interesting movie to me that really tried to dive into the Hulk's psyche.

I liked the action sequences and the cool comic booky transitions.

Having said all that, I think Mark Ruffalo makes for a very good Bruce Banner.


Thanks for clarifying @austinharper, I looked over the "Original release date"