dealsfila skele-toes voltage men's running shoes…


Of course the color I'd consider buying is $39.98 instead. Would be interested to try these out.


i wanna try these too. want the black. i have some vibrams and i LOVE them. these look like they have alot more sole, which might be a bad thing.


These look like they are for cartoon characters. Only 4 toes? I guess they cram your outer most toes together? I would be curious to hear anyones review. I have the 5 Fingers and like them, but are interested in hearing about these.


Bought these (via this deal) last nite. Picked them up today. Wearing them now. Verdict: Definitely not Vibram-like, apart from the look. Whereas Vibrams feel like you're walking barefoot (except the bottom of your foot doesn't get cut if you walk on sharp stuff)--these feel like normal running shoes with toe separations (that you notice a lot more than in Vibrams). They have elevated heel, arch support etc. Doesn't feel like Vibrams at all.

$30 is still definitely a good deal for them, but my Vibrams will get a lot more use for sure.


That's exactly what I thought they would be like. Thanks for the review!


I got these and they are awful! I am a big fan of Vibrams and thought I would try these less expensive major brand competitors. The comparison stops almost right away. I understand breaking in shoes, but these can NOT be worn barefoot or you will have blisters where you've never had them before due to shoddy construction. I understand they make socks for these, but people who are interested in shoes like this aren't interested in wearing socks. I am very disappointed.