dealshp wi-fi mobile lh571aa wireless mouse - grey for…


I have never used one of these, but a wifi mouse seems like a terrible idea.


The writeup says that Windows 7 is required.


Reviews on Amazon seem mixed seems like kind of a gamble. I may go for one though it would be nice to free up one of my usb ports, when you only have three they are a commodity!


@jcl945: I don't really see the point. I never connected a wired mouse via ethernet, why would I want to connect a wireless mouse by wifi?

Although if I could use it to connect to any system with wifi - without having to set it up - that would be fun. Start moving someone else's mouse cursor around randomly at the airport or library would be a hoot. Somehow, I don't see it working that way :)


@lparsons42: The "point" is that you may not have enough USB ports or a blue tooth adapter built in.

It may not matter now, this deal is dead. Sold out