dealssharp 50-inch led lcd tv - lc-50le440u aquos…


Sounds like an old black friday leftover. 60 hz=blurry motion


well if you can't afford a samsung or LG and you're in the market for the likes of Seiki and RCA, this is a much better choice


I didn't go look at the actual deal, just this post and I'm wondering about "edge lit"?

If it somehow means the frame around the tv itself, who would want that?
And if it means the edge of the screen, mine already is lit with the picture that covers the entire screen--edge to edge.

Or maybe it means there is no frame around the screen? That doesn't sound like a very good idea either.

I have a 55" Samsung that I bought about 5 yrs ago --on sale--for $1899. Now you can buy basically the same tv for 1/2 that--or less : (



The Refresh Rate marketing tactic is just a scam. This started when Plasma TV's were rated at 600Hz and the LCD models were only 60Hz. Sales vultures at BestTry would sell you on the fact that Plasma was the better buy because it had a refresh rate of 600Hz etc. Fact is you could see motion blur on the plasma TV's with a "supposed" 10x refresh rate over the LCD models. I'm not going to say that a 60Hz is as good as a 120Hz, but I will say that a 120Hz isn't better either. There is a slight improvement from a 60Hz to 120Hz. Read this article and you'll see how manufactures are abusing the refresh rate numbers and inflating them to confuse the customers. Samsung is the worst at inflating the numbers, but in my opinion the make one of the best TV's.



Putting Sharp in the same sentence as RCA and Seiki. Wow, I'd guess you were the first person in line to buy a 4k TV. Just want it because it's new. Sharp is one of the top 3 TV manufacturers along with LG and Samsung. Not opinion...