dealssony playstation pch-1001 vita portable wifi…


Are these any good condition?


Idk here is what the website says

Fully functional
- May show limited signs of use
- May be missing parts or accessories
- May have dents or scratches

For being about 50% off (though you'll need to buy a memory card) I wouldn't complain!

I bought mine for $200 back when they were on sale (new) and no regrets


Is this site even reliable? All of them are shipping from Chino, CA.


@wagamonster: Definitely. It's a subsidiary of Best Buy. Everything I've ever bought from there is top notch, to boot.


Keep in mind these do not come with AC adapter or USB cable (Sony proprietary & required to charge). Figure $20 for these plus around $18 for a 4GB Vita memory card, or $25 for an 8GB card. That comes to around $160.


@wagamonster: I've had a 50% success rate with them. I ordered a PSP out of Texas that was supposed to include the charger but didn't. I went out and picked up a charger but the machine just wouldn't hold a charge. I returned it for a full refund. (They did offer to reimburse me for the charger if I was going to keep the item.)

The other was a 3DS from Chino. Rated as a "7" it appeared to just be an open box item. Not a scratch on it, included everything (except the box) and stuff like the AR cards were still sealed. Ten months later and it's still one of the best purchases I've made.

Personally, I would purchase from them again in a heartbeat (and I'm seriously thinking of jumping on this deal) but depending on where it's shipping from.



Thats awesome! Not only did they refund your money but they offered to buy the charger back too?!


@rantng: I'd definitely recommend the 8 gig. If you get ps plus, it fills up in no time.

I must say though. I am sooo mad at piracy! Now Sony got scared and made a proprietary charger.


Sony was the king of proprietary cables/media long before Apple came along. I think it's ridiculous that you have to buy a separate proprietary USB cable to charge the Vita. I don't even know why they make the 4GB card.


A good many of these listings show the battery as "not included". Do you really think the internal battery has been removed, or maybe just the person typing this in doesn't realize the battery is built in? I have two white systems ordered, a "6" with all accessories, and a "6" with nothing but "game console", so I'll find out soon enough. I got them both at $155, before they went up to $182.


If anyone is curious, both systems arrived today. Both are scratchless as far as I can tell, and work perfectly. Definitely no blemishes on either screen. The battery is included the one that listed the battery as not included. It booted up immediately after removing it from the box. Shipping was fairly fast, and items were packaged well.


By the way. This deal is still working