dealsvasconia 4 cup granite molcajete for $19.00


Why is shipping never posted?


This will look great in my meth lab!

(Really, do these have normal kitchen uses? Mojitos, maybe?)


@i1patrick: No, of course there's absolutely no way a traditional Mexican grinding tool has any "normal kitchen use" whatsoever.
Definitely couldn't ever be used for something like grinding herbs and spices.
Nope, only for meth.


@stryker4526: agreed.
My mom used it all the time for making all sorts of Mexican dishes, to me, its weird if I see a kitchen without one.


@stryker4526: It was an honest question (my admittedly dumb joke not withstanding). Not a kitchen guy, so I don't have much frame of reference.


@i1patrick: Well you don't see them used so often anymore I think. It's more common now to just buy pre-ground herbs and spices in the little plastic shakers from McCormick or whoever.
Same way you don't see any other version of a mortar and pestle used really.


That actually seems like a good price.... if I didn't already have one.

The one I have is HEAVY as all get out and I don't think it'll hold 4 cups... and I believe it cost twice as much as this.


I've had one for about seven years and use it all the time. It's great for a variety of things, but definitely for the home cook who is a little more adventurous. It takes a bit longer than just buying prefab ingredients, but is well worth the extra flavor and freshness. For me, it's a go to tool that I use several times a week. I make my own chinese five spice, pestos, BBQ rubs, salsa bases, etc in it. As to price, this is way better than what you'd find at mid to high end kitchen ware stores. If you live near a robust Latino community, you might be able to get it similarly prices with a lot more effort. (For reference, WS has it for $49.99).

It's also very easy to clean as long as you get a course brush.


Works well for blending pre-ground spices as well.


I'll use this to grind up my strategically placed red and green herbs I find near abandoned subway stations during a zombie outbreak