dealshulu plus subscription free for 2 weeks! for $0…


Or instead, use IE9 ... pin the Hulu icon to your Win7 taskbar ... and get 1 free month. Once you redeem then just go back to using your normal FireFox, Chrome, etc (unless you already always use IE9) and just unpin the Hulu icon. But you still get the free month!


what if i'm already a hulu plus subscribers? can i cash in?


@ddraj: If clicking the IE9 link deal and not the referral link then you get the deal still:

After pinning the Hulu icon, click the redeem button below to get your 1-month FREE trial (for new subscribers) or 1-month FREE credit (for existing subscribers).


It says 1 week for me, not 2 weeks.


Looks like the wooties removed the links and put in their own ...
Anyhow just copy and paste this link for the 1 month deal.


I'm down for the month free. Hulu pinned to my win7 task bar on the laptop and able to view hulu+ on the win xp desktop connected to the living room tv, the wifi blu-ray player in the master bedroom, xp computer in my sons room, and on the roku in my daughter's room. I've been hesitating to try it simply because it overlaps what netflix has to offer, but for a month free, why not?


Anyone know how much longer it'll be before the wii can steam hulu+??


Thanks! Got the month free....


or you can just get a free month by going to this link.