dealslanikai lkp-t koa tenor ukulele pack for $199.00…


Guitar center will price match, plus give you an additional 10% of the difference, so if Amazon has this for $30 less, then guitar center will basically give it to you for $3 less than Amazon. Musicians Friend will also price match, plus after 45 days, they give you an e-gift certificate for 50% of the difference, which in this case would be $15. Sam Ash also price matches, I believe and so does zzsounds. I've had both Guitar Center and Musician's friend price match Amazon and another website in the past month or so. It's easy and they both ship quickly, probably quicker than Amazon. From GC, ordered a guitar on Thursday and had it by the following Wednesday. Plus, the first one they sent me was defective, so I just brought it down to my local GC, they took it back, no questions asked, and then reordered me another one with my price-matched (and beaten) price. The scond one was perfect. If you order from Amazon and you get a bad one, you're gonna have to pay for return shipping