dealsbuy the “ultimate bacon cooker” now! for $19.95


Oh, lordy, it's another bacon tempter! Be still, my heart!

I have a similar contraption (looks rather like a gravy boat, has a frame above it from which I can actually hang about 10 strips of bacon, and the grease runs into the boat part of the thing) that is not all enclosed, so I have to do a little microwave cleaning afterward, but it's quite workable and cost only about $8.

A word of caution, though, for folks who are real serious about their bacon: it's very difficult to get evenly cooked slices with these things. The slices will cook at varying times from each other, so you have to keep a close eye on them, and each slice may cook at a different from itself -- the ends may be done faster than the center of the strip.

OTOH, if you're having a major bacon craze, want it in a hurry, and can handle a little variance in the final product, go for it -- it's BACON!

Edit: They lie: it's not really "broiled."