dealsa mystery box for $10.00


Curiosity got the better of me, bought this one and the one for five, not the medieval one though, cause as much as I want one, I don't know what I would do with a medieval axe. I'll post with what I got, in a few weeks when it shows up.

(Going to go ahead and post on the other one also.)


Yep, just couldn't resist. Purchased one of these, one medieval amd one secret mystery box. In the past 7 days I have spent over $125 with bkindustries and I sure hope it's worth it. No more purchases until I receive at least one box!


in for

5x cheap mystery boxes
1x medieval mystery box
1x arcade mystery box(I've got a kid)
1x a mystery mystery box

Would have bought a Secret Mystery box but i believe buying Pepper spray over state lines is illegal in no idea what i would get


UPDATE: Nearly all orders have been shipped out (as can be seen by the various posts around woot of people receiving them) We had an issue arise Friday on the server that prohibited us from having access to the administration sections of our website, I won't go into details but we had to have our server hosts look into and fix the issue, because of the holiday there was no one to look into the issue until today. It should be fixed by tonight and tomorrow we will resume shipping again. If your status was updated to shipped, delivered, or completed then your order has shipped out, if you don't have the tracking info them email us at and I will forward it over to you.

Those that have not had the status updated please either be patient or simply email us and we will attempt to push your order out as fast as possible.

We are currently trying to not respond to emails or woot posts in the attempt to focus our time on putting together the orders to ship out.