dealsthe neverending story [blu-ray] for $4.98 + freeā€¦


Is this the story equivalent of the song that doesn't end?


Much like the Human Centipede, the Neverending Story is a movie you'd like to forget but the horror lives on in your mind.


@bunnyb0y: I loved this movie as a kid and even if it hasn't aged well, $5 to see it again is a steal.


@kev50027: Thanks for making me think of Shari Lewis on a Monday morning =(


The Neverending Story is to me one best movies in all of cinema. While the effects may be dated, stop motion stuff, with noticeable blue-screen effects. The truth is, it's not a dated movie. Because regardless of these minor facets, The Neverending Story does something many films attempt but very few films suceed at. It creates a fantastical world that you can believe in.

The story is fun, imaginative, it gets children to question the world around them. Could my world really be another's story. The characters are amazing fun. Who thought a cranky old turtle could be so loveable.

And I've watched a few generations all fall in love with this film. If I were to be told to choose a 100 films to save for humanity. This would be one of the ones I would include.


Wonder when this will be remade by Hollywood. I hope never.