deals20% off hundreds of pc digital titles


Checked through all the genres and had 5 games in basket to load a new pc. Tried to add a 6th and they said only 5. OK, I went to remove 1 to add the new one and without me touching anything they emptied my cart. Instead of buying 6 items - I guess I'll be buying none. Disappointing, hoped for better. Poor way to drive up business.


I've gotten some great deals there. Sorry you had a rough experience...maybe a 'cookie' glitch? Always been worth a daily check in my book though. Like I said, great offers sometimes. Similar to Steam's sale prices at times.


@luvmyk9va: Is it possible that your transaction timed out with all the extra steps (informed you had too many games, removing an item and adding another etc) you had to take for your purchase?

Green Man has a 15 timer on checking out before your cart is emptied.

I just bought the poorly reviewed "Aliens: Colonial Marines + Season Pass" from them for $8 (I only had minor interest but bit at that price) after the coupon. I've purchased about 10 games (mostly Steam but a few non-Steam) from Green Man at great prices and never had any problems except the timer. But that was only because I wasn't sure if I really wanted to make a particular purchase. I let the timer dictate that I not buy the game. Looks like you did too.


@luvmyk9va: Yeah man, gotta agree with these other 2 comments, you should really try again. Heck, it won't hurt ya to. Good luck! =D


I got Sid Meier's Pirates for $8.00. Best money ever spent!