dealsmicrosoft xbox 360 holiday bundle w/skyrim…


Great deal!
I'd jump on it if I didn't know the new Xbox is coming out this year


@commodog: After watching so many RRODs, I'll wait for them to work the kinks out of the first gen new xbox... that and I don't have the time to game like I used to, so I can easily accept that excuse not to go spend $500 on a new console that is going to be the next hotness. Speaking of, I guess I should go check out the PS4 info.


Dannnng. That's a sweet deal. I paid full price for this bundle last month because I needed a new Xbox. I refuse to buy new consoles until I get to see them working out the kinks.

Of course, as Sony will show you, doing that sometimes leads to products LOSING features if you wait. I do wish I had a backwards compatible PS3. Would have made it easier than plugging in my PS2 from time to time.

Anyway, this is really a great deal. The only issue I had was that the Forza 4 copy is only really 1/2 the game (one disc instead of 2, so you don't have all of the cars), and Skyrim is DL code. I am a disc collector, so I would have preferred to have the actual game box... while they still exist.


There's gotta be a fire sale coming this summer.