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FYI that article is in regards to GoDaddy web hosting, while I'm not familiar with the site that wrote that article, I can say from experience GoDaddy's hosting is horrible.

Their domain products like the one in this deal though are excellent. GoDaddy is by far the best domain registrar service around. At one time I had over 50 domains for my now defunct web design service and Godaddy was tops. I still use Godaddy for my personal domains. Definitely recommended.


FYI: I've got GoDaddy registered domains (upwards of over 200 at one point in time, and webhosting of still 30 or so sites.

For my purposes, they have been perfect. Never had a problem with hosting; and as a matter of fact, they've SAVED my arse more than once by going into those "unseen" system backups and bringing back something I mistakenly royally f-'d up.


I should have added my GoDaddy hosting experience was 3 years ago, it sounds like it is much improved.