dealsplaystation plus 1 year membership + 8 random…


The standard price for Playstation plus is 50 bucks, this is 100 bucks, which is what 2 years of ps+ would cost...


@themattdunn: Plus 8 PS3 games and a remote.

Intec remote is $2.50 on amazon, if I'm looking at the right one, so you're getting each of the random games for about $6.


Now this has me a bit curious. While the membership and all its perks are good. I am very curious what their idea of "hit" games are. Has anyone ever ordered anything like this in the past from this website?


Right now Playstation+ is giving you 3 months free with a year you get 15 months for 50 bucks. I'd say skip this deal.



The games that the 'hit' is referring to is the current PS+ games being offered, so you can check that out right on your PS3 on Playstation Blog.


@xerokills: I believe you will still get the extra 3 month just by purchasing a year of a year of PSN. I read on slickdeals that it activates even when people bought it in a bundle that were sold by sony. I would link, but I am not sure I can. What peaks my interest is 8 random games. If you recently just got a ps3 like I 8 random games could be good, but I can see how it could be bad if you had a ps3 for a while and have a big library.


The randomness of the games is....ehhh debatable?

At least no more then 1 sports game; I envision this as being an old copy of Madden or a old NBA, but worth a lot? Probably not. I don't see them giving away "Greatest Hits" games, but rather discount/bargain games. If it breaks down to $6 a game, it doesn't seem so bad, there might be a few diamonds in the rough but personally I'd rather take quality over quantity....


@xerokills: This deal includes a code for the Playstation store for one year of PS Plus which when activated will give you the three month bonus. I purchased one from them two weeks ago when they were selling them for $40 w/ the remote and received the full 15 months when I redeemed it.

If you've just recently picked up a PS3 or have a small library it might be worth the shot for $6.25/game. (I threw out the remote.)