dealswinters wonder 48 hour sale


I put the 240GB drive in my ROG laptop and it makes night and day difference how fast the system boats, games, load, etc. I loved it so much I got two more; one for my desktop and one for my home server.


@shadoe: I have an Asus G750-JX ROG running Win 8 that boots in 13-14 seconds from the factory. I actually thought about adding an SSD when I first got it but haven't because I really didn't think it could possibly make a significant difference to my machine's boot time but might make a difference in some applications like AutoCad. I'm also using a G770M graphics card w/3 GB dedicated VRAM. This was one of the SSD's I was considering because of the good reviews and solid history. Do you mind if I ask what model ROG you added this drive to? Thx!


Did want to mention Amazon has it at $156, here it's $129, so nice find, thanks for listing! Can't beat our Woot community members for helping others save money.


Grabbed one of the Roku's for the bedroom. Already run a Plex server and this is the model with an ethernet port. Thanks.


@willyone: I work in Civil 3D a lot - you must upgrade to a SSD, especially if you are using a later version like 2011 or 2013. if everything is referenced on your SSD, there is NO lag in searching for and updating the smart objects. Having everything on the SSD (and not referencing anything off a server or anything else) is a very quick designing experience. I wouldn't go back to a HD if they offered me a promotion...


@red13red26: Keep checking throughout the day. Newegg is famous for marking items on sale out of stock, then back in stock a few hours later, then switching back and forth throughout the day. Guess it's there way a regulating customer flow to make sure they don't oversell their hand.


Sale must be gone, I just tried to buy one and the price is $164. Too bad.