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It's just like Netflix, except without the recommendations, Oh and it costs $2 more.


It's just like Netflix except NO STREAMING and it sucks.


I have been a member for 10 years renting 2 at a time then going to the store to exchange. At one time I was ably to see 10 movies a week when I first joined. Little by little they were slowing down. From 10 to 8 a week. Still good then 6 then 4 then 2 and for the kicker I got 1 in 2 weeks. I have had enough canceling < Monday. Since Dish bought them they became the worst. Reviews are 1 star. Mine is in there as well,


Can this get more down votes than the Netflix trial??
Let's go for -1,000!


Take the deal watch the movies or rip em and then dump em. Stores are closing everywhere so taking movies to the store and trading your mailed dvd doesn't work like it used to. Streaming is a joke. Even the envelopes they mail the dvd in is cheap.


The "Unlimited In Store Exchanges" isn't unlimited, and is implemented really poorly. The way it actually works is that anytime you have received a disc in the mail, you can return that disc into a physical store for a new movie. However, that new movie cannot be exchanged for another movie. It has to be returned, and then you have to wait for Blockbuster to send you another movie via mail, which can then be turned in at a B&M.

So it's not the disc you're exchanging, it's the envelope! :P


@bigfrank: I know Netflix does (or did) throttling and I expect Blockbuster does the same but 1 in 2 weeks is ridiculous


@telepathboy: There are still physical blockbuster stores?


This deal needs to be voted to negative infinity- and beyond.


@prosperouscheat: Last week my que was empty. When I called they said they were with in there time limit to ship. By Friday it was to late to ship when I called. Monday came and they shipped one not two movies, but it must have been air mailed cause the movie vanished in thin air. I ended up getting 1 movie Thursday it sucked so I went to there store and got something to watch. I returned it the same day and yet they never cleared my que. They still had my mailed one up. I called again Thursday and told them I was leaving Monday before my new bill date, They offered to give me a free month and I declined. What put the icing on the cake was the woman did not clear my Que and I had to call back again. What was amazing was they know I am leaving and Friday they shipped out 2 older movies that were no way near the top of my Que, IMO They deserve a class action lawsuit.


I forgot to mention that the woman on the phone admitted that there has been a problem for weeks and now members are leaving they are going to try. I hope Blockbuster goes under and takes Dish along for the ride.


Wow! You folks have made me feel much better about my Netflix account!


I'm still trying to figure out how this is a "deal" in any way, shape or form....


I've had Netflix since almost its inception. I've had Dish Network since 1998. After Netflix cut my service in half 4 DVD's to 2 DVD's for the same price I decided to give Blockbuster a try since I basically got it for free with Dish Network. I tried them both out for a couple of months. Everything was exactly the same between Netflix and Blockbuster. When I mailed them, when I recieved the new movie, etc....Since Netflix screwed me over on the price I decided to dump the DVD portion from Netflix and went with Blockbuster. I upgraded to 2 Disk's at a time and happy I switched. I still get streaming for Netflix....only because of the kids.

I can't wait until I get rid of Netflix totally. With Blockbuster I can DVD's, BluRay's, and Games all for the same price.

Nothing can compare to Dish Network. The new Hopper and Joey system rocks.


BTW - It's not just like Netflix but $2 more. Like a previous poster said.

Netflix is $11.99 for 2 DVD's. Plus $2.00 additional for Blu-Ray's.

So Blockbuster is $1.00 more but includes games and regardless how some view the in store exchange. The fact is you can still do it. Something Netflix cannot do. In my opinion you get a lot more value for that extra dollar with Blockbuster.


@blyent: Not if they do not ship the movie you don't, Look at some new reviews Add to that trying to get a new release is a joke.