dealsroku 2 xd refurbished for $39.99 + free shipping


Almost bought one. Don't even mind doing the rebates, but the 'free shipping' is a lie. Proceed with caution.


Thanks, great deal. Been thinking about getting a roku for a while.
I did get free shiipping, btw...


I got my Roku 2 XS I ordered through here from onesaleaday Saturday (it took 16 days to get to me). I had been using a Boxee which crapped out on me after several years. The Roku was very easy to set up and I like their remote, but I think Boxee was a little better with the content/features offered.

Sorry, this was for the XS, not the XD.


@danlikesbeer: I got free Econo Shipping. Even if you had to pay shipping, this is a very nice deal considering onesaleaday most recently sold it for $49.99 +4.99 shipping.

Plus, TigerDirect is probably the only place left I can go that doesn't tax in CA, so buy from them and keep them alive! =)


Also, if you guys didn't know this: American Express doubles your warranty, up to 1 year, now even on refurbished items carrying manufacture warranty. So if you use your Amex card, you will get 3 months warranty from Roku and 3 more months from Amex.


You can't ship to a non-res or have anything in the second address line when you fill out shipping information for the free econo shipping.


Just ordered the Roku, shipping is free but the rebate hassle (hoop jump) is a joke.
Tiger charges service fees on their rebate Amex rebate card!
Won't do this again. Shame on you Tiger Direct !!!


@jeffireland: There is a 10% fee, or $1 in this case, to rush the rebate process to 5-7 days. The usual 8-10 weeks is free. The rebate is done through, which is not owned by tigerdirect since I've done Newegg rebates through this site as well. Have done over 10 rebates with them and have always received them all without rush processing.


Sold out online at Tiger direct.