dealstoy vault black knight plush toy for $9.99


I bought this for my dad's birthday this year and it was totally awesome. He keeps it on his desk at work! =)


Haha - it's like a medieval Crash Test Dummy.

(Anybody else have those when they were younger? They were huge for awhile, I think there was even like a cartoon and stuff lol...or I may just be thinking of the cartoon commercials)


Same price at and you get to drool over other cool stuff bacon, bacon, bacon items, (It's where I got my Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch) plus they have a Bring Out Your Undead Tee with the Black Knight.


Already bought this from for the same price. Though you'd probably save in the shipping with this link. Not a Super Saver item so you will pay shipping...unless you're Prime, I guess.