dealsblack & decker 50 foot hose & nozzle for $12.99


And now I'm upstairs trying to do our taxes, and Steve's abusing the hose.
Oh, that's embarrassing.
Did you walk in on him?
You caught him playing with himself?
Damn it, woman, you always jump to that.
Last time, it was when I said, "He's doing his homework."
I thought you said "bone work."
Where was I?
Steve was abusing the hose.
Yes. Spraying it about like a child...


Sounds like a great deal at $12.99 but when I click on the link, it shows $19.99. Still not a bad price I guess.


Looks like they've increased the price now. Sorry.


Glad I read the reviews on this one at Amazon!! Was ready to pull the trigger, and saw that they are very badly constructed and burst!