dealsboba fett symbol - vinyl decal sticker for $1.50…


Gee! I thought it was Cthulhu! :)


Yay got one for my husband!!! Very rare. Even rarer for people to know what it is.


@ehatfield19: not that rare nor is it cryptic... the Mandalorian Insignia is the one that you never really see and have to wonder wtf.

Not that it really matters of course, but if your hubby is a fan of the Fett Man you guys are missing out on quite a bit of merch and references. Time to widen your horizons :P Cuff links, flags, patches, ties, over ear headphones, watches, shirts, hoodies, underwear, buttons, bags, body jewelry. and even dinner plates. I saw fett man pasties not long ago as well. Thank god they were in a package and not on anything/one.

Who DOESN'T need a Thong with the Fett logo right?