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You don't really need the coupon code to receive the free shipping.


Classy site, sells illegal brass knuckles as a "paperweight".


@narquespamley: And teaches you how to pick locks.

This is allowed on Deals, but don't you Wooters dare ask a harmless question such as which rock band puts on the best concert. Don't even think about it because that breaks the rules! ("Go ahead, break some laws, but don't break our Deals rules.")

Nice business model they have going, huh?


Picking locks isn't illegal, unless you're breaking into a house/car without consent from the owner. How many times have you locked yourself out of your house and/or car? How many times have you seen someone else do it?

If I had a lock pick set, I could have helped a kid out who got locked out of his car. It's a much better option than using a metal hanger, breaking a window or paying a large sum of money to a locksmith. I would see this as being very useful for helping others, but not as useful for yourself, since if you're going to lock yourself out of your house, the likeliness you're going to have this on you is pretty slim. A car would be different, because you'd probably have your wallet on you.

Additionally, brass knuckles aren't illegal on the Federal level, and they've been regulated on a state by state basis. Not every state outlaws them.


Might want to order a gas mask now, who knows how south this Syria thing could go.