dealskindle fire hd - only $174 for amazon moms for…


Also, get the Kindle Fire for $139
Or the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" for $249
Same code: FIREMOMS


I dont see where to put the promo code I put in in the box that says promos and gift certificates and it doent work


@czupik: Are you signed up for Amazon Moms? If not, the code probably will not work. Sign up is (or was) free.


Just joined amazon moms and the code doesn't work.


@spydette: Ah, I found the catch. You must also have a paid Prime account. I'll update the title and description.

Full details...

How to Redeem These Deals
Place any Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9", or Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G LTE Wireless in your Shopping Cart. At checkout, enter the corresponding promo code. If you are an Amazon Mom member with an active paid Prime plan, the discount will be applied to the items in your cart. Each promo code may be redeemed once per customer, through December 18, 2012, and is good toward the purchase of one Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9", or Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G LTE Wireless. Offer good while supplies last.


This doesn't work. And yes I signed up for Amazon Mom.


UPDATE: You must be signed up for Amazon Mom AND have a paid Prime account.

Sorry, missed the fine print when first posted.


Firemoms...Why hasn't anyone made a ridiculous comment about this yet? C'mon fellow wooters...I need a good laugh this morning!


@rjchicago: I have one of those as well. I had to call Amazon and they had to issue me a $25 discount on the Kindle b/c the promo code has a glitch.


@me54350: I'm from Chicago (surprise) and our MLS team is the Chicago Fire, so my first interpretation of the code was SOCCERMOMS ;)


I ordered a Kindle Fire two days ago, and Amazon support was nice enough to give me a retroactive $20 refund. Thanks for pointing this out!


@me54350: I was going to say something about FIREMOMs but your ma ma had me too busy to get to my computer, if you know what I mean...


@dawgopoly: I'd feel dirty, like the 'free ginger' comments from a couple of days ago.


Is there still a glitch with the code?


@rjchicago... MLS Chicago Fire... Ohhhhh I so want to post the Nordecke chant... P* on the fire... But, I will refrain. The Fire vs Crew rivalry makes those games very exciting. Go Crew!


Any sale that requires a PAID Prime membership is not a deal...


Knocks $50 off the 8.9" LTE version.

(so i bought one.) thanks!


@tcayer: For those of us that have a Paid Prime account, this is a deal... We paid for prime this past January (for the videos and such) and we have more than recovered our cost in free shipping and deals with in a few months, so this is a great deal... Just because you are not eligible does not mean it is not a deal.


WARNING this is a very limited "Android" tablet. It's locked to Amazon. So unless your handy with rooting and hacking, say goodbye to the thousands of apps (many free) on the Google Play Store.

Spend the extra $25 and get a Nexus 7 for $200. It's so much better in so many ways.


I'm really hoping they decide to offer some deals on the regular Kindle. I'd get one for my mom if I could pick one up sub $50...


The glitch occurs when you just open a new Prime or Amazon Mom membership. You have to wait 24 hours until the account is fully activated and then the promo code will work.


I don't agree with the comment that you need to say goodbye to most of the apps. I have hundreds of apps on my Kindle, Samsung Android phone, and Acer Android tablet. I do encounter apps that are not available on Amazon that I have to download from Google's Play store, but Amazon's store also has thousands of apps. For the average user, you can get all of the Apps you need from the Amazon store. Also, Amazon runs a daily special every day where a paid app is given away for free. I check it every day and have gotten some really nice paid apps for free.


@melindalerma: This sounded legit up until "up to I looked at the paycheck", "woz", "actualey", and "neighbour". You almost got me!