deals30% off any item


This is not for, it is for Dell Financial Services,


Looking to get a new system for work, but all of them have 32-bit OS. What a pain to have to purchase and then install 64-bit from scratch..


sold out of their 2560x1440 monitor, doesn't matter anyways. =(


Dell customer service treated me so bad, I would never buy from Dell again...even at these prices.


Just an FYI about this:

About DFS Direct Sales [ top]
Are Dell Financial Services LLC and DFS Direct Sales affiliated with Dell, Inc.?

Dell Financial Services LLC (DFS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dell, Inc., the world's leading online computer systems company. Dell's global reach and market dominance allows DFS to directly integrate our services with the needs and demands of Dell customers the world over. is the largest source of refurbished, previously leased Dell computers and accessories


Extraordinarily misleading title for this deal. Looks like 30% off anything at, but, obviously, it is not.


I agree, Woot should change the front page to show Dell Financial Services, rather than Dell. Very misleading.


I was so in for one until Dell Financial Services does not use a Dell Financial Services account for payments. CC or Paypal.

Looks like that 30" for $800 is a lost sale.


So basically, now you can buy Dell product directly from Dell (financial services) for just slightly over the street price? Awesome! Where do I sign up?


@raptor1976: 30" for $800 should have been a lost sale no matter what.