dealshdwc130xk3j1 toshiba canvio 3tb ext usb 3.0 hard…


This has been the price on shelf for the past few weeks. I bought 2 off the shelf before christmas to do some server backup in prep for some upgrades. They work well but be warned: They like to sleep. Seriously sleep. Sleep so hard they take 20 seconds to answer up when you try to access them.

I have yet been unable to find a way to disable the sleep mode. All the tools I find from Toshiba are for different model drives (seems the 1tb was particularly bad about this) and will not update the internal settings for this drive.

Overall, not a bad price at all for a drive with a USB3 connection and decent performance...


@indigohaze: Thanks for the info. At least around my area they've been 129.99 for the past few weeks, but they were at this same price (119) shortly before Christmas. I only know because I've been watching this drive pretty closely as I realized that I needed one this size almost exactly the day they went off sale. I had time though so I waited the past few weeks just to save a few bucks since it was nothing urgent.


If this drive uses the new 4Kb sectors you can't use Windows Backup on Vista/2008/2008 R2/Windows 7 on it, learned the hard way for a Seagate 3 Tb USB 3 device $119 thru Costco in Dec.