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The coaster comment is priceless. I wish I could give you a million up votes for that comment alone.


@thewidup: Temple of Doom was worse--annoying sidekick and woman. Gross-out scenes without good reason. Not even monkey-swinging could lower KotCS below those depths.


I only clicked on this for the KotCS comments. In other news.... this has kind of a cool packaging for a BD set. But I like to combine my DVDs and BD into a single case so I bought a bunch of multi-disc BD cases and put everything into three cases, cut the DVD sleeves down to size and made my own set. KotCS hides in the back of Last Crusade like the Ark in that warehouse, never to be seen again.


@fredwallace18: was a little out there. It starts to feel like it was following the rule of Star Trek - every other movie was "good"


Temple of Doom was good for giving me the creeps as a kid. That heart ripping stuff really stuck with me. And the mine cart chase is awesome! Definitely the weakest of the three but still has some good stuff.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on the other hand, honestly, there's not a single thing in the flick that I like. I find it an ugly film from the standpoint of cinematography, the sound editing is flawed, and the CGI takes over and looks dreadful in the last third of the movie.


@thewidup: I was just thinking the same thing! Except it's odds instead of evens. Correct viewing order is Raiders, Wrath of Khan, Last Crusade, Voyage Home.


Seems to be sold out. Sad face.


@sstaylor: Thanks for letting me know, I'm expiring the deal.