dealsisaac mizrahi ladies leather jacket – black or…


Hmm.. why so many downvotes for this one? Bad deal, or bad retailer?


Maybe they are misguided animal rights people.


Site does not like Firefox (at least with NoScript w/main site whitelisted) Came up in Chrome no problem. Add $9.00 shipping.


i would guess it's overstock from HSN -- Isaac Mizrahi does a line for one of those shopping channels.
If the jacket is your style it's probably a good deal - and as for the $9 shipping - it is a leather jacket for $45 - it does have to be shipped, and $9 doesn't seem unreasonable. Better to price it at $54 and give free shipping?


The bessie comment will really effect this deal's votes. Come on @thefenst you know better. I'm surprised the sponser don't complain when it's your fault they're downvoted.

Anyways, If you wear leather this is a good deal.


I wouldn't buy anything from this company. They're shady. @ceolacanth posted this question where they claimed NOT to be an employee of Then in this deal they're also trying to get us to believe they're not an employee, and that they're going to "buy the deal because its so good." But then on this deal they're claiming to WORK FOR overrunz. This is probably some of the worst schill work I've seen in a while. Shady, and downright idiotic. The woot community has little patience for scam artists, and we'll call you out on your BS all day long.


@eraten: Wow, they've displayed a dazzling combination of oversized balls and undersized intellect. Thanks for the info