dealscraftsman 6 gallon 3 peak hp wet/dry vac for $39…


Wet/dry vacs are great for un-stopping drains.


Seems like an odd hose size. Maybe it's been too long since I've purchased a shop vac, but most I've ever seen are either 1.25" or 2.5" diameters. 1-7/8" seems like it'd be difficult to find compatible aftermarket attachments. Almost bit on this, but that size is asking for clogs...


I love our Craftsman Shop Vac, but my recommendation would be to purchase the largest HP one available. I believe our 6 HP was somewhere around $100. You can never have too much sucking power. I use ours to clean out our family (2 kids) SUV and it does a great job. Have no regrets.


Their shipping prices make this about the same price as amazon, which by the way has amazing ratings on this vac.