dealsoral b floss action (and others) 3 pack brush…


Normal price is ~$20.00 - this is great deal. I'm in.


Why is this $20.99 on Amazon??


I went in yesterday for a checkup... I hadn't been to the dentist in the better part of a decade. They basically told me I had the best set of teeth they'd ever seen and couldn't believe I hadn't seen a dentist in so long.

The only problem I had was that my gumline seemed to be a little high. They said probably due to brushing too hard. The dentist told me that plaque is easy to get rid of you just have to be able to get to it... therefore a softer brush is ideal because harder brushes "skim over the top".

Anyways I've been using the dual head action for as long as I can remember and just picked it up with the coupon+subscribe&save for $11.69.

Also you don't have to switch these things out ever 3 months like it says. This pack will last me a couple of years.