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@killasandra: I've had that problem a lot with them. Not just with jeans, but shirts, too. Seems like the sizing on every item is different from the next, depending on which country or factory it was made in. I love their v-neck tees and have ordered the same size the past year or two, but recently got a couple more online and they showed up much smaller than that others. Even seems to vary from color to color.


I ordered stuff last week with the other 25% off code and pants do not run to size if you buy them online. My husband has worn the same size of pants from old navy since college, he just keeps buying more. The ones that came in the mail were at least 2 sizes too small but they said 34/36 like he normally wears. The 12's I bought also wouldn't fit even though they did in the store, I just bought them online because of the discount code. I'll never do that again!


@randywalker: They have been changing a lot of their great items recently, hoping that people don't notice. It honestly makes me not want to shop there anymore.


Aw, their Mens' polos are no longer 100% cotton! they're a 60%/40% cotton/polyester blend! Boo!