deals9 led shotgun shell flashlight - a great light…


Why the heck would I ever want a flashlight shaped as a shotgun shell...what is wrong with a flashlight that looks like a flashlight?!


@linkdude64: when you're feeling lonely and want some extra attention from the kind folks in TSA, but don't actually want to be charged with a felony, you can pack some of these into your carry on. Other than that, as a conversation piece. The conversation will go something like "Why in hell did you buy this?"


@linkdude64: For the same reason somebody would want a mailbox that looks like a giant shotgun shell, which is...I really don't know why. 'Murica?


I'm holding out for that flashlight that looks like a shotgun itself... that way, I can "accidentally" light up random people when I grab my real shotgun "by mistake"...

The possibilities are endless! (well, at least "numerous")
- Just think of the troubles Mr. Zimmerman may have been able to avoid!
- Want a divorce, but don't want the hassles?
- Let me light up those cats fighting in my back yard.
- Wifey to me - "honey - I can't get this flashlight to work... can you check it out for me?"


Where can we get a mail box lol?


@linkdude64: people might confuse it with a dildo (get it, because of the flesh-light)