dealsproduct: bodum® brazil 8-cup french press…


Great deal. I bought this for $20 plus shipping and I love it. The bottom portion goes right in the microwave. Seven minutes for a 1100 Watt oven.


I've used one of these for years at work. The sink has a 'near boiling water' dispenser, so I didn't need to microwave it. Finally broke it and had to buy another one. French press coffee rocks.

Easy to clean, just unscrew the bottom part a little to rinse out the grounds, or completely to wash it thoroughly. The coffee to use with it should be very coarsely ground, finer ground coffee will work but you get both over extraction (more bitter than it should be) and may get grounds / sludge.

Remember also that the 8 cups are 8 6oz coffee cups, not 8oz measuring cups. I get 'two of the cups I drink out of' cups from one pot.


French presses (especially Bodum) are the way to make great coffee! I generally heat water, grind my coffee, run hot water from the faucet in the press(as not to crack the glass when you put in the heated water), put in the grounds, add the heated water, stir, steep 3-4 minutes (you'll find your perfect number!), and press. Tada! The perfect cup(s) of joe!