dealsstargate (15th anniversary edition) [blu-ray] for…


Damn, $4.50 for Stargate? That's a no brainer.


neat, and i just had the free trial of prime activated too.


Just got it. Even with Amazon Prime, it will not ship for 1-3 weeks. I saw this deal on Walmart's website too, but I will happily wait an extra couple weeks as long as I don't have to spend an hour waiting at Walmart to pick it up! (:


@tonymontana444: Look to the right of the page under "More Buying Choices" and you can see it's gone up to $5.00. Amazon is redirecting to this page since there are some in stock. If you're willing to wait 1-3 weeks you can get it for $5.00. I tried to post a direct link to the page, but Amazon is automatically redirecting it which is why the "I want one!" button isn't getting you there either.


Didn't everyone get this free with four other movies when they bought a dvd player? Still love this movie though.


Maybe you should wait for this to come back in stock:
It's $5 or less all the time here.