dealsdirectors clapboard:.... ready when you are mr…


"this won't break your budget @3.99 with free shipping-not eligible for free shipping..."

Wanna explain that part to me? $3.99 with free shipping and also not eligible for free shipping?


@captainsuperdawg: It's a strange way of saying shipping is free, not "free if you're prime, or spend over $25"

Well, actually it's 99 cents with $2.99 shipping, looking at the product link...


Ok, grammar shipping-not "eligible for free shipping" but real honest to goldwyn free shipping

Happy now?


@videowallart: I have Amazon Prime and this still has no free shipping. Just put the price and the shipping in the title without trying to doctor it up for appeal. Then you won't have to explain yourself.


@mattjenkins76: Not sure what all the complaints are about here. His title is completely accurate. The price linked is $3.99 + free shipping. What tsfisch was pointing out was that another seller has it for sale at the same price with $.99 for the product and $2.99 for shipping. If you don't want to take the time to actually read the text of the original post then don't complain about it.


I remember they gave these put as party favors at my high school graduation. They are pretty cheap, and sometimes the screw would be too tight and it didn't close. Also, it isn't a chalkboard, it's just laminated wood. It still can be written on by chalk, but have fun taking it off. It's not a real clapboard.


@reverendjohn: Actually when I posted that, the link took me directly to the 99-cent-plus-$2.99-shipping offer. Weird.