deals1 year maxim subscription


Worked for me. Gave bogus email. No spam for me.


Just wanted to know my occupation and address. Though it does try and get you interested in other magazines and publications related to your occupation... hence the questions. :)


Didn't ask me for a CC, just info about my job. I get the feeling I will be getting an invoice billed to my dept.


It asks for your CC# at the end. If you didn't make it that far you didn't complete the entire thing.


"Worked" for me as well. Looks like a site fishing for addresses (which I'm sure will be sold/shared) for snail mail spam. Out of curiosity, I entered bogus info with the exception of my mailing address, and it was accepted. If I get some issues of Maxim, fine. If I get "more" spam than I already get, I have room in my garbage can for it. No loss either way. I was never asked for credit card information.


Gave a throw away email with my normal address. No credit card info. My job does allow for some interesting looking magazines - if they ever come


This is legit, I've been getting my free subscription for the last two years through mercurymagazines, but I signed up through a link in a email. I used all fake info except for my home address, never had to give them any CC info. I think I've only received one or two pieces of spam snail mail with the name I used to sign up.


This place will try to send a debt collection agency after you for some random bogus debt that doesn't exist. It has done that to people in the past. So if you get a cute little post card in the mail saying some random crap about calling or emailing, or mailing, don't. They are just verifying if someone lives there.


They will call and harass you repeatedly to continue your subscription even before your year is up. Make sure you give a bogus phone number.


worked for me. asked alot of 'work related questions, then a pop up that offers more mags subs for $2 yr, add CC there if you pick any, or close out that box of you dont. the next page says:
Thank You!
The first issue of your qualifying print subscription(s) is estimated to arrive in 6 to 8 weeks.


just finished, didn't enter cc, only if you want more magazines do you have to enter


@killjoy: Or better yet, don't give any phone's not a required field.


Worked for me. I had to enter my job title and company information but I made up most of that. Used my spam email and I didn't have to pay anything. We'll see if I get anything in 6-8 weeks. :)


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First, I didn't even know that Maxim was still in print. Second, use a bogus last name. This way whatever junk mail you receive, you'll know where it came from. ;)


@drchops: Ooh, nice. Thanks for that. Got another free subscription to Computer World (Car and Driver was out :( ). I hope these are legit. :)


@kidkobun: Dangit! I should have done that just now. I'll have to remember that one. I did, however, put that I'm a CEO of some huge car parts company. Not sure if that would be an easy flag though.


You guys are too paranoid.

I used an old email, a bogus name, fake phone number and a made up address. There's no way they'll be able to bill me!!

Now we play the waiting game...


Mercury Magazines works. i currently have a subscription to Maxim thru 2013 because of them and other online deals. from my experience, they don't phish anything. they may use your email address, but if they do it's nothing my spam doesn't filter. just make sure and select "no thank you" for all the other offers.


@notblaine: So um... made up address? How exactly will you get your magazine?