dealsplush snoopy pet bed for $12.99


Sometimes I wish I was a dog in a loving home, so I could get spoiled with stuff like this.


@lichme: I heard a breeder say that Shih Tzus are the most happy-go-lucky dogs in the world, and that Shih Tzus "never have a bad day." I decided then and there that, in my next life, I want to come back as a Shih Tzu!


@belyndag: They're also blockheads. At least judging from the one my parents have. I think maybe being not so bright and being happy all the time sometimes go together. He's definitely a happy little monkey. And dumb. Don't tell my dad I said that though.


@zuiquan: We had two Border Collies (the world's smartest dogs) and one Shih Tzu (quite the opposite). She's a sweetheart but I always say that she's the "dumb blond" of the crowd.

Hmmm. Blockhead? Charlie Brown-themed dog bed? I see a pattern here!


Darn it! They're sold out now :(


@myfester: Thanks. I'll expire it. Keep watching the site, though. If it was this popular they might offer it again!