dealsfamily poker set: 200 chips + 2 decks of playing…


Looks like a nice set. My only grumble (one for most cheaper poker chip sets, actually) is the even number of colors. The quality chip sets have a larger number of one color to represent the higher number of $1s you'd be using in a game.


Family strip poker? More like WINcest!?!


I've had two of these sets for about 15 years. The only real problem with this set is the fact they used 2 blue chips, dark and light, instead of picking a different color. The quality of the chips are about what you'd expect in a cheap set but almost all of are still good but maybe 10-15.

If you play poker a lot and your house isn't the Ritz, a cheap set like this is perfect. The chips do the job for an average of 5 players but if you have more than that playing all the time, a second set is needed.