dealsxbox 360 arcade console for $159.00


Second week in a row of people repeat posting it too!


@countdown: Well, after a week, deals usually fall into oblivion. And there's not a way to "bump" those deals.


@countdown: Are you implying that this is a duplicate posting? Because if so, please see what woot staffer @jumbowoot has to say in this thread:

In short, the rule is as follows: if an offer expires and is subsequently reissued, it is considered a "new" deal because older deal should have been RIP'ed when it expired.


@heymo A simple search reveals the same deal posted within the 2 weeks you mention this deal is running.

@mtosh a good point, but still its a pet peeve when people dont do a little search


@countdown: a pet peeve of yours, maybe. personally i don't wanna wade thru pages and pages if it could just be on top. and this is obviously good enough to rate just that.

or are you saying that people looking for a good deal should "do a little research" when they don't know what deals are even out there to begin with?


Looks like it's back up to $199. Guess it really is a weekend deal. Oh well, maybe next time:)