dealspick two mags for $10 or five mags for $20


Why the down votes on this? 2 mags for $10 isn't terrible.


@xxmerlinxx: From what I've seen in the past, people downvote these because they offer the same magazines every time. So by the time you see this deal again, you already have a 17yr subscription to Wired or any other magazine you have even the littlest scrap of interest in.


I just noticed this, half an hour or so before it was scheduled to end for the day, and it looks like they're not offering it now. Waaa?


Discover and Wired are the only two I'm interested in and you can find both of those for cheaper on Tanga.


@gertiestn: Don't know if this has the same ones you want, but there's two hours left on this:

They do sell them for cheaper than $5 though, you just have to check every day.