dealsasus google nexus 7 tablet - 32gb for $224.99…


Price says $249 which is the same everywhere.


@azagthoth: price drops in cart to $224.99


I recently got a 16GB Nexus 7 and love it. The 32GB version would certainly be nice for only 25 bucks more than the 16GB! Good deal.


I got the deal, thank you!! Plus the 8gb micro Sd card. I bought the 16 gb before for 199, def worth the 32gb for extra $25. You have to add the sd card to cart with nexus 7 and the price will drop, this includes free shipping as well. THanks!


I want one, but keep holding out as I save for the Nexus 10. Its difficult when I see this price and I have enough to get it right now. I already have a 7" tablet (Acer Iconia A100) and I just have to keep telling myself its good enough til I can get the Nexus 10.


@notoriousg: Agreed. Bought a 5-drawer tool organizer from them last week, came in all beat up, dented, damaged, scratches - they wouldn't let me return it or exchange it since it happened during shipping, they claimed I'd have to bring it up with UPS and get them to cover it - super annoying, since UPS tends to only deal with the shippers, not the receivers.


I though mygofer was a Sears/Kmart entity? Ordered something from Kmart Sunday night and got an email from mygofer that it was ready and I picked it up today.


@notoriousg: Glad you mentioned it. They do look pretty sketchy. I think I'll hold out for another store.


@joemcc00l: It's Sears. I've bought from them with no problems.

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Looks like its out of stock for store and shipping!