dealspyrex easy grab 19-piece bake set (new) for $34…


bought this a little while ago, the lids are horrendous. designed terribly, and do not stay on (specially the bigger pieces). I would steer clear of these


Great set at such a great price!, I have used Pyrex baking dishes and know they are a dependable product. Pyrex glass, great quality .


@thyzad: I have to agree about the lids.


Use caution. They changed the recipe for how they make "pyrex" and the new stuff (soda lime glass) is no longer as heat safe as the old stuff (borosilicate glass). If the logo says "pyrex" instead of "PYREX (R)" then it has a good chance of cracking or exploding if moved from one temperature extreme to another - say removing it from the oven and setting it down on a room temperature trivet. See here for more details -

The good news was that PYREX measuring cups were an important part of the home meth laboratory and when they switched to selling pyrex measuring cups it caused all sorts of issues...


@thyzad: I think they are not meant to be left on when stored in like a cabinet, as they stretch and then become lose. But agreed, poor design and/or cheap lid materials. It'd like they assume the lids are just bonus and you'll buy it anyway for the dishes