dealslarge papa john’s pizza for 50% off. order…


@davemeigs5: It's a bit weird how to use it. Check out their instructions. Here: Basically you have to first enter the code and THEN order your large pizza.


Today, this is not a good deal because there is an Early Week Mania large up to 5 toppings for $9 (Monday-Wednesday). A large no topping pizza is normally $13, so figure your best deal.


@theotang: Not sure why you're saying that. Looks like it's a maximum of $15 for a large with no matter the number of toppings, so $7.50 (the 50% off price) looks like it's a better deal than the $9 deal. But I could be missing your point.


@patentdude: an experiment, I just put together a large pizza with 10 toppings that totaled $ I'm not sure where you're seeing that $15 is the price limit for a large.