dealswoolrich elite concealed carry barn coat for $31…


Nice, but "The Woolrich Elite 44432 Barn Coat - Charcoal is not currently available." The coat was available in other color, Moss.

They had a great checkout, in and out in 3 minutes, allowed guest checkout. None of the "set up an account" stuff.

great deal


These are super nice jackets! I like them better than my carhartt's!


Good luck actually getting your product. I haven't had a good experience with this vendor. They will send tracking numbers for back ordered products and never tell you it's back ordered until you contact them after nothing gets delivered.


Can anyone comment on sizing, preferably with measurements of chest and shoulders? I've never been able to hit sizing on the money when ordering online.


@robertey: I have a different Woolrich coat, but I would say they tend to run large for their size generally. If you're a smaller person I'd almost say order a size down. Your mileage may vary.

I like my coat, but things like interior seams have started to separate after pretty non-extreme wear. My Woolrich (again, not the model described above) is nice and all, but doesn't compare to the durability of my Carhartt. Not a big deal for most people, but don't expect it to hold up to serious work-type abuse. As with all things, "you get what you pay for."


@jaqattack02: I disagree I ordered a pair of their Vibram desert boots for 39.95 with free shipping and they got here in time. Its free shipping and taxes so 10 working days does not seem long to me, I just like saving money.


Too bad they don't have any Tall sizes in stock. I'd jump on this if they did, but not willing to have any more coats with sleeves that aren't long enough.


I haven't had issues with order receipt.

Also, use coupon "clearanceknives" for 10% off any of their clearance knives while you're there. They have some decent $100+ knives for $50/ea (or $45 w/ coupon).



@jaqattack02: I've bought so many things from these guys and haven't had a problem though I haven't bought any back-ordered things so YMMV. So from personal experience, I'd say buy with confidence.


So, what makes it 'concealed carry'? Didn't say anything about a special pocket. Am I missing something?


@jaqattack02: Yes, same problems here. I have some light beacon that has been on back order for a year + lol

They charged me, never sent it, by the time I remembered it was past the 90 day dispute time, so screw me


I ordered from them on a previous woot deal. The shipping was a little slow, but not unreasonably so. Most of us are spoiled by Amazon's two day prime shipping. The prices are quite good, especially clearance stuff. I'm in for about a hundred dollars worth of stuff. Stuff that I need. Not stuff that I want. Time for Appleseed.


I ordered this coat and got it. It is great. It doesn't say concealed carry but there are pockets inside and out that clearly are intended to be used for CC. Velcro tabs, not buttons are on the lower outside. The buttons are for decoration only.

Fast shipping and exactly as described. I'm really happy with this.