deals2 video games for $15 (ds, wii, xbox 360 & ps3)


Good deal....just can't find two games I want.

Seems to be mostly little kid games


@reatardfan: Is it really a good deal if you can't find two games on the list that you want? For some reason I keep finding games I want on platforms I don't want to play them on.


I just bought a wii and find that game are pleanty but most have one thing in common...they suck! With that said finding a game that is good in a pile of poor choices is like finding a needle in a hay stack. I picked up two for the bundle and picked up the Shape up game that was not offered in the bundle but was a good deal...yeah a little work out would be good. If you can find a game in this offer take it good deal but slim pickens for choices.


Only good games in this, from a gamer standpoint, seem to be Red Faction, Call of Juarez and possibly Bulletstorm (an okay game). If on Ps3, add de blob, as it is pretty fun.


@lparsons42: it's a good deal because you get two games for 15 bucks...plain and simple. If I was 9 and had a DS this would be a hell of a deal...but I prefer slightly more adult games


Is a good deal on garbage games really a good deal?