dealscraftsman 5/8 in. x 50 ft. all rubber garden hose…


I can't guarantee that these ate the same I bought, but:

In 1990 I bought several of Sear's all-rubber, cord reinforced hoses that had a 25 yr guarantee. They look much like these. I am still using three 50' sections. The fourth did not hold up when the riding mower snagged it. The mower blades did not do well either. These things are tough and durable. Handle cold weather and freezing, as well as UV exposure.

The quality on these are very good, I'd buy them again ... if I needed them, but the ones I currently own are likely to last another 5-10 years.


Awesome! After some slight abuse, my hose broke down on me this weekend.

What can I say? I'm rough on my hose.


@tpscan: I ran over one of these hoses that my dad had with his mower when I was a teenager. Sears let him exchange it for a new one. Recently the one that I had broke at the coupling. They let me exchange it no questions asked. Honestly, for the price, you can't beat it (especially given the exchange policy).