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Exasperated and struggling to slice a hot dog, my dad mumbled under his breath a few months ago that he just needs to buy some quality knives. I'd like to get him some for Father's day, but I know nothing about kitchen knives and I'm running out of time. Can someone please point me in the right direction? What's good, what's bad? What are some trusted, quality brands? What is merely a matter of preference (ie color), what's related to quality/function (ie blade material)?

I'd love for someone to just tell me which one to buy...he's doesn't use the kitchen knives often, but it'd be worth the additional $60-100 to never again have to hassle with the junky walmart set. Something he can keep on the counter (no rainbow sets, something plain)


@whitneylc84: I'd usually recommend buying a decent chef's knife (or santoku) and a decent paring knife, that's pretty much what you'll end up using most of the time, and all you really need. I'd get a magnet strip and put it on the wall to hold them.
If you want a decent Chef's knife on a budget, get something like a Victorinox for $25 or so.