dealsthe warriors: director's cut blu-ray for $7.99


Caaaaan yooooou dig it?

I can, grabbed my copy.


How did you get that price? I can't get it for less than $9.99


@tiedyejeremy: looks like they already jacked the price back up.



Oh no, not the Director's Cut edition. The new animation and editing nearly destroy one of my favorite films. I'll keep my old DVD version.


@funkadelic78: Agreed. I don't see where it's $7.99. I bought it from Amazon 4 days ago for $9.99. It was posted by another Wooter. Look back in the threads. Hmmm.


@redhead7515: It was $7.99 this morning, I was thinking of posting it and passed when I saw the active $9.99 listing. This price only lasted a few hours at best.

vote-for1vote-against has this for $7.99, but by the time you are done with tax and shipping, not so much of a deal. I really hate Best Buy.